Robbin’s Rescued Russells

Adoption Process

 Complete Adoption Application

 Meet N Greet

 Home Visit Performed

 Sign Adoption Contract

 Veterinarian, & Personal   References Verified

 Collect Adoption Fee

If you find one or more Jack Russells that you are interested in, currently available through Robbin's Rescued Russells please visit the Forms & Paperwork link in the left hand column. Please fill out the Adoption Application. Fill it out in its entirety. Please be realistic and forthright in your answers as this will be used as a guideline and will help me find the Terrier that best fits your lifestyle and the qualities that you desire in a pet. Please include any additional information about your family, lifestyle and particular desires you would like to see in your Jack Russell. After completion of the Adoption Application, send an email to Robbin’s Rescued Russells ( and include the Adoption Application as an attachment.

If you don't have adoption interest in any of the Jack Russells I have available, I would be happy to assist you in finding a Jack Russell you are interested in. I work closely with some Jack Russell breeders, Russell Rescue, and a few other rescue organizations. If you would like my help, please fill out an Adoption Application and email it to me ( with JRT adoption in the subject line. I will review your application, and let you know if I know of a Jack Russell Terrier that is available for adoption that may be a match for you, I will contact that rescue and let them know that you may be interested in one of their Terriers. After that you and the other rescue can deal directly with each other. But please know I would be available throughout the adoption process if you need me. If I don’t know of a Terrier currently available for adoption that fits your criteria, I will email you if I learn that one has become available. With so many Terriers in need of new homes, it would be a good idea to send a reminder email every two weeks if you haven’t received one from me.

If I have a Terrier available that you are interested in, the next step after completing the Adoption Application will be a visit to your home by a representative of RRR or if you are not in the area of Robbin’s Rescued Russells then another respected rescue representative will perform a “Home Visit”. A home visit is done to ensure that your house is “Terrier Proof” and if not suggestions will be offered so as to provide a safe environment for a Jack Russell Terrier. After receiving your Adoption Application I will begin checking your Veterinarian and personal references. Please remember to let your Veternarian know that it is okay to release your information to me.

Next a Meet N Greet will be scheduled. When scheduling the Meet N Greet I ask that you plan to spend at least two hours with the Jack Russell you have adoption interest in. This is where, you and the entire members of your household can personally meet and spend time with the Terrier you are interested in. Please bring ALL dogs living in your household to the Meet N Greet. The reason for this request is it will be a neutral place to introduce the dogs. Please bring with you an appropriate travel crate, leash, and flat buckle collar with you to the Meet N Greet. Depending on the distance from the city you live in and Robbin’s Rescued Russells it is possible that arrangements can be made to meet at a ‘halfway” point. You will be expected to cover the actual expenses incurred by Robbin’s Rescued Russells to meet halfway. 

If it is agreed that your adoption of the Terrier is in the best interest of both the Terrier and you, then you will be given an Adoption Contract to read, sign, and return to the Robbin’s Rescued Russells representative. Also you will be asked to pay the adoption fee. At that time you will be given copies of any/all paperwork regarding the Terrier, and a copy of the Adoption Contract will be given to you. You will also be given a three-day supply of dry kibble dog food that the Terrier is used to eating. You can take your new family member home with you at this time.

For seven days following the adoption you decide that the adoption is not working out, then upon surrendering the Jack Russell to Robbin’s Rescued Russells, 100% of the adoption fee will be refunded to you. Again arrangements can be made to meet at a “half way” point. After the seven days has passed, the adoption fee is non-refundable.