Owner Surrendered Jack Russells to

Robbin's Rescued Russells

I understand that people sometimes feel they are in need of finding a new home for their beloved Russell. This decision may be the result of a divorce, death of a family member, financial reasons, or maybe a behavior  issue, just to name a few. Before you abandoned your Jack Russell at a shelter, where he is more likely to be euthanized rather than being adopted, I may be able to assist you in finding a forever-loving family who deserves the love & loyalty of your Jack Russell Terrier. If you feel your only option is to re home your Jack and would like my help I can:

                        Add your Jack Russell as a courtesy listing to my “Available for Adoption” page on our website.

                        Add your Jack Russell as a courtesy listing on the “Adoption Sites” that my Jacks are featured. These are sites such as
Petfinder, Pets 911, Adopt-A-Pet, etc. These are websites that search  engines might suggest to someone using the
Internet to find a Jack Russell available for adoption.  
  • Offer suggestions how to screen prospective adopters you find for your Jack Russell.

  • Offer training advice to modify your Jack’s behavior so that you may decide to keep them.

Except for special circumstances, while I look for an appropriate new home and family for your Jack Russell I believe it will be easiest on your Jack if they can remain with you in your home. While it may be hard for you to say goodbye to your Jack Russell, re homing will be equally upsetting for them as well. Sometimes although I would like to assist you with re homing your Russell I just don't have room.

If I do have room available for your Jack and I would consider accepting them into my program, I ask that you schedule an appointment for your dog to be evaluated. At this time you will need to complete an Owner Surrender form (please visit the "Forms & Paperwork" link in the left column). An Owner Surrender form is a basic questionnaire to fill out in its entirety. Also you will be asked to write about your dog including things that you like or dislike about them. I ask that you be forthright and honest about your dog as this will help me to find the best home suited for your Jack Russell. A copy of this paperwork could possibly be given to the new adopter’s of your dog. Your personal information will NEVER be given out. However if you would like to give the new adopter’s the option to contact you that can certainly be conveyed. 

On the day of your dog's evaluation appointment I ask that you bring with you any registration paperwork that belongs to your dog, as well as a current vaccination record, including a valid Rabies Certificate, and a Spay or Neuter certificate. During this appointment I will be assessing any obvious medical issues your dog may have, but more importantly I will be evaluating your dogs temperament. If your dog’s assessment and evaluation are favorable I will ask you to sign a form stating that you are the dogs owner, and that you are surrendering physical custody of your dog and are relinquishing ownership to Robbin’s Rescued Russells for the intent purpose of re homing your dog through adoption.

Please do not ask me to accept your dog into my program if they have a bite history or are known to be overly aggressive towards people. If your dog had an isolated incident where they have bitten someone I need to know about it. I know that dogs bite for a variety of reasons and I would like you to tell me the details regarding the incident.